Soul Force Education is committed to co-creating knowledge.  We believe that questions we ask are more important than the answers.  We believe that the answers are within you.  We specialize in helping leaders tap into the answers within an individual and collective, that then manifests itself to become fully operationalized within the organizations they lead. Soul Force Education provides a tailored and custom approach to every challenge or opportunity that an organization may encounter as it relates to group dynamics.  Whether you’re in the midst of a crisis, revamping hiring processes, or proactively providing training or education services to facilitate a positive social change, our educational services are developed based on your operation’s needs, climate, context and level of engagement as assessed by our Soulforce Education associates.  Contact Us for a complimentary pre-consultation to explore needs and opportunities.

Equity and diversity strategic planning and leadership development

We provide and establish direction for your organization to sharpen its focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion by helping your organization develop tangible long and short term goals and targets to  help everyone align their efforts with the organizational mission and vision. Our approach gives employers and supervisors something to collectively work towards, all the while strengthening each individual’s capacity to work as a team to achieve common goals that are good for organizational change, growth, and well being.

Organizational training and education services

We provide your organization, department, or office with transformative learning experiences and activities designed to allow your team to better understand, explore, and implement diversity and inclusion tenets and principles  ranging from the introduction of diversity concepts and policies to specialized topics (e.g., implicit bias, racism, gendering, etc at the intersection of many other social identities. These educational experiences are developed based on your operation’s needs, climate, context and level of engagement as assessed by our Soulforce Education associates at the time of the pre-consultation.

Research gathering, facilitation, and analysis to advance social change and compassion

We facilitate dialogues, town-hall conversation , design surveys and other instruments community relations, and other diversity and work culture assessments, engaging key stakeholders to discern root challenges and identify paths forward to acheive strategic, organizational outcomes